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About Xceed Medical

XCEED MEDICAL provides the highest quality patient care with an emphasis on care. Our cleanliness and expedited services ensures patient satisfaction. Our team members are made up of highly trained and certified orthotist and orthotic fitters.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of orthotics, custom & off-the-shelf bracing, compression stockings and durable medical equipment (DME). This gives Xceed Medical a wide variety of brands, makes and models to choose from to insure each patents musculoskeletal pathology is properly stabilized.

XCEED MEDICAL specializes in diabetic footwear, compression stockings, bracing, orthotics and maternity supplies. These are specifically customized to fit each individual patient.

Due to the wide range of patient anatomy all orthopedic braces are individually measured, fit, and customized to ensure an tailored fit. We are able to measure, mold, adapt and manufacture most DME, orthotics, and prosthetics in house.

Our team members provide an up-beat and caring attitude with an emphasis on being courteous, polite, and respectful towards each patient.

About Xceed Medical

Here at XCEED MEDICAL we are able to offer a broad range of products tailored to the needs of our customers. Our hosiery lines not only offer comfort and fit, but also fashion and style.

Many options are available such as, open or closed toe and soft or silicone beaded top bands, to ensure a proper fit. All stockings have a guaranteed graduated compression for improved leg health and are made with a soft fiber blend that provides a cool comfortable feel.

All compression stockings are beneficial for various leg conditions such as edema, lymphedema, varicose veins and venous insufficiency.

XCEED MEDICAL is an in-network, top-tier provider with all major insurance companies, health plans, commercial and state/federal benefits. We are Medicare compliant and CHAP accreditated.

We also accept cash, checks and most credit cards.

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